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Welcome to WebDip. Multiplayer Strategy Game
A multiplayer webgame version of the classic turn-based strategy game Diplomacy
2 players
Sengoku 1570
4 players
American War 1812

The Ancient Mediterranean: 1-on-1 Rome Vs Carthage

Rome Vs Carthage the webdiplomacy map

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Whole Game Easy-peasy Tutorial

The best choice for the beginners to start playing the multiplayer Diplomacy, as it is a very clear map, all obvious passages, all provinces are well seen on the map, the history background of the punic wars is well known and suggests an easy pace, well, the whole situation between Rome Republic and Carthage is comfort and obvious for players. In a 2 player game, you train tactical skills perfectly, and its easier to get a 1 (one) pal connected rather than a group for a game, haha.

And the best choice for advanced players too. A 1v1 multiplayer 'deathmatch' suggests we train the 'chess way' of making strategy and tactics, more of a war where the diplomacy is crafted by arms: Bellum Romanum! ...and enjoy the very custom made-with-love victory conditions.

Rome Vs Carthage variant is a charming deathmatch scenario, also offering the alternative victory conditions: taking or losing a capital now shall mean a lot for the whole game outcome, and for achieving the ultimate victory you'll need to capture the Pyramids in the Memphis supply center.

Rome Vs Carthage (WebDiplomacy Strategy Game Variant)

Mind Your Capital

No one's allowed to lose the capital. If such happens the game ends, regardless of number of supply centers, regardless of who own the the Pyramids. For a One-on-One scenario, logically, taking the other guy's capital is the immediate win. Isn't is a cute alternative victory condition? You crash upon every rival's capital to wrap it up quickly (hahahaha, if you dare).

Capture the Pyramids - Capture the flag analog - Rome Vs Carthage (WebDiplomacy Strategy Game Variant)

Obtain Control Over the Pyramids of Giza

For the standard Webdiplomacy victory one needs to possess the required amount of the supply center (check on more details here for each map), and this is not the end yet as you are ordered to gain control over Pyramids, in Memphis supply center, to fulfil the victory condition. Yes, you now want to go to Egypt.

This is Where You Start, Be Strategic

Rome Vs Carthage variant is based on The Ancient Mediterranean map, and is specially designed for this Webdip Webgame, it highlights the whole lot of the additional features. It is balanced well for two players — and is the perfect starting scenario to dive into into the wonderful world of Diplomacy games, now available online, from any browser, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Stay tuned!

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"Luck plays no part in Diplomacy. Cunning and cleverness, honesty and perfectly-timed betrayal are the tools needed to outwit your fellow players. The most skillful negotiator will climb to victory over the backs of both enemies and friends. Who do you trust?"

(Avalon Hill)